Paul Aizley

For Assemblyman, District 41







  Election Day: Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Paul has a proven record of support for business, support for teachers, support for older citizens, support for retirees including Medicare retirees, support for labor, support for the LGBT community, support for high school students, support for police, firefighters (first responders) and the military.                             



First let me say…  

It was a good move in 1968 when I applied to "Nevada Southern University" (NSU) as a math professor. I taught the teachers who are teaching our kids today.  Forty years later, I retired from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Science. And during those 40 years, I was Assistant to two UNLV presidents, Director of Summer Programs, and Dean of Continuing Education.(Please see PAUL'S BIO on this website.) 

In 2008, I was elected to the Nevada Assembly by the people of District 41. I have been their closest link with state government since then. In 2013, our district  tripled in population and I continue as the voice in Carson City for all my new and old neighbors.  

         I have always been involved in our community — involved in education and business, serving our youth and seniors, and doing as much public service as time and energy allowed.  (Please see COMMUNITY  on this website.)





Let’s clear the record:

Paul’s opponent and the Review-Journal are WRONG!

Here’s why their ideas are BAD for Clark County and Nevada:


More than 80% of Nevada land is managed by the federal government. Some people want that land to be turned over to state control, for development or other private uses. Apparently the Review-Journal and Paul’s opponent (a Tea Party activist) are two of them. They do not understand the issues — nor how seriously Nevada would be harmed if the state had to take over management. 

Important facts you’ll want to know


1. The cost of fire suppression and control in Nevada last year — paid for by the federal government— was approximately $57 million. Nevada simply cannot afford this. 

2.  Our state controls less than 20% of Nevada land. We barely have enough water to serve that 20%.  Where will the water come from if the remaining 80% is developed and privatized? 

3.  Nevada will have to pick up the salaries of the hundreds of federal employees who now manage our public lands. Nevada cannot afford this. 

4.  Many Nevadans do not want to find “PRIVATE PROPERTY, DO NOT ENTER” signs when they head for their favorite recreational public lands.


                                                      It was a wise decision


For the reasons listed above, among others, Paul recently postponed decisions on the transfer of federal land to Nevada control. There were just too many unresolved problems. As chair of the Public Lands committee, he made a wise decision. 

The issue remains alive — it will go to the 2015 Legislature, where a more complete discussion can take place. The interests of Clark County’s two million urban residents will be represented fairly, as they were not in the past. 

Judging by letters, calls and comments, Nevadans north and south agree with Paul’s decision to have it discussed in the Legislature — and to seek solutions to the aforementioned problems. 

Paul’s opponent, a Tea Party activist, and the partisan Review-Journal do not understand the issues.Contrary to their attacks, Paul made sure that Clark County’s interests and those of rural Nevada would be fairly represented in proportion to their population.

                          (Please see THEY TALK in this website.)






Paul's Education

Harvard - Bachelor's Degree

University of Arizona - Master's Degree

Arizona State University - Ph.D.

(All of his degrees were in Mathematics)


 Economic diversity in Nevada will depend upon UNLV becoming a major research university.  This will lead to more innovation, ideas, patents, new business opportunities and, hence, more jobs. Las Vegas is the only city of its size in the United States that has no major research university.

Too many families today worry about being able to send  their children to college. I understand that very well. As a poor college kid in Boston, I had summer jobs in a resort hotel and in a knitting mill.  That was how I worked my way through Harvard.  Then I headed west to University of Arizona to earn a Masters degree and later a PhD at Arizona State University. I believe every student  should have a secure future, either with a college education or a career training.

Please see Paul's extensive life-long continuing education at PAUL'S BIO.








With my wife, Sari, and son David, I co-founded CLASS! Publications. This much-loved, non-profit organization enriched education for over 40,000 local high school students and teachers each year for 16 years (1994-2010). CLASS! was a newspaper written by, for and about our teenagers. It was published in English and Spanish, and distributed free each month to every high school in Clark County.  The School District said “CLASS! is our partner in education.”  (Please see CLASS!  on this website.)




  • Learning in Retirement.   As Dean, and with the help of interested seniors, I established UNLV’s popular program (now called OLLI) for semi-retired and retired  Southern Nevadans. It has grown  from 60 members to more than  1,300 active participants.
  • Elderhostel.  I also led UNLV to join the national Elderhostel network, which arranges group travel for seniors, into and out of Las Vegas. This program brought more tourists to Las Vegas, seniors who may never have ventured here on their own.



 ROTC education. Students at the community college who planned for a military career needed university level courses and a university degree to quality for officer status when they graduated.  I worked with military personnel to get the required courses approved at UNLV for those students who transfer.






Paul is a skilled manager of business budgets —  public funds and  private.




     For most of the years 1974-2008, I was Director of the Summer Term, coordinating students' needs with faculty offerings. These courses made it possible for students to earn their degrees sooner.

    For 13 years, I was  Dean of the College of Extended Studies.  This college included Continuing Education, Radiography, Physical Education courses, ROTC, computer courses, Paralegel training and many more.  I evaluated and served the needs of Southern Nevada Students.

    Under my leadership, these courses paid for themselves, never having to be bailed out.  If surplus funds accumulated, most were used for need-based scholarships. 




  • I worked with Strip hotels and other local businesses in organizing conferences that brought people to Las Vegas.   For example, the international conference on Packaging and Transporting Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) included government officials and scientists from all over the planet.  This issue is of particular interest to local businesses as well as to all Nevadans.  
  • My wife, Sari, and I founded and operated a photography-based retail store in Las Vegas.
  • For four years, I served as President of a local Homeowners Association, where I successfully managed and budgeted for the maintenance and improvement of the community property. 
  • Founding chair, Nevada Housing Center
  • Grievance and Contract Administration training
  • Paralegal training
  • Outside agent for a local travel agency.
  • Attending dealers school and dealing blackjack on the Strip
  • Coordinated with the local medical community and hospitals to develop the radiography program at UNLV




  • As co-founder of CLASS! — the above-mentioned non-profit education organization for local high school students — I initiated the financial operations and management policies that launched this community service. (Please see CLASS!  on this website.)
  • Foundation Board member, Las Vegas Ice Age Park, a major feature of the proposed National Monument in Las Vegas. (Please see  COMMUNITY on this website.)




  •  I was elected to serve as President and Treasurer of the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators (a distinguished higher education organization).
  •  Representing hundreds of UNLV teaching and research professors, I twice served as the Chair of the University's Faculty Senate.
  •  I was elected President of the statewide Nevada Faculty Alliance. 


Insurance on your mind?


Paul is the Nevada delegate to the National Council of Insurance Legislators and serves on six committees important to the residents of our state.  ( Please see  COMMUNITY  on this website.)


 *Source: Press release from Conservative Leadership Conference