CLASS! Publications

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Youth Services Organization

that served the high school students of Clark County

for 16 years (1994 – 2010)


Founders: Assemblyman Paul Aizley (on the right), wife Sari and their son David Phillips.




Assemblyman Paul Aizley co-founded this memorable community service, took part in its management, contributed funds, arranged events, and energized the Board of Directors.




CLASS!  was endorsed by the Clark County School District,accredited by the United Way, and was in residence on the campus of the University of Nevada,Las Vegas.






Paul seeks opinions from students Brooke Phillips and Spencer Elliott.


The Publication.  

CLASS! was a free newspaper written by, for and about the teenagers of our community.  It was read by as many as 40,000 teens each school month for 16 years and was used as a learning resource by hundreds of high school teachers. Students loved it, read it and contributed their ideas.  CLASS! was distributed through the high schools in Clark County — public and private schools — as well as all public libraries, teen-centered recreation facilities and selected retail sites.

The Hispanic Connection. 
Diganos was the Spanish-language section of CLASS! It served teens who were
still working on English fluency.  Their parents, too, were often avid readers of Diganos in order to stay in touch with what was happening in the schools.  Further, Diganos was used by many teachers whose students were learning the Spanish language.


Each semester, students worked as interns for CLASS!  They got experience in writing, editing, interviewing, researching and other facets of typical news media operations.  Great preparation for the future!  Several of these interns moved on to jobs in the professional media.


Job and College Application Asset. 
Students who wrote for this publication had an advantage on their college and job applications when they listed their CLASS! participation and sent samples of  their work. They demonstrated language skills, creativity, initiative, achievement and broad interests in the world around them.

 Promoting Literacy. 
Because CLASS! was written by teenagers, about the issues that are most important to them, it was widely read and discussed.  CLASS! encouraged critical thinking, especially in regard to printed and broadcast media.

 The Clark County School District called CLASS! “our partner in education.”