Financial Guidance Center.

  Paul is a member of the Governing Board of Directors.  This non-profit organization reaches out to the residents of Clark County who need help with issues such as tax preparation, debt management, housing counseling, and down payment assistance.                                   (See 



Southern Nevada Ice Age Park Foundation.


He is the vice president. This Foundation supports research and tourism within Nevada’s new national monument. In the 2013 legislative session Paul sponsored a resolution that demonstrated statewide support for the new National Monument. The National Monument covers 27,000 acres in Southern Nevada. The Ice Age Park Foundation is concerned with 300 of these acres.





Aizley tours  SolarReserve



Solar power means JOBS — and clean, renewable energy!

Paul toured SolarReserve's  Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant near Tonopah, NV, to learn about the newest energy technology and its future. 

 More than 10,000 giant mirrors reflect and concentrate sunlight onto a central point to generate heat (over 1,000°F) and, ultimately, electricity — clean fuel and renewable energy anytime, day and night. 

Photo:  In 2014, Andrew Wang and Paul Aizley at SolarReserve's Cresent Dunes Solar Energy Plant. The square-umbrella-looking structures behind them are the mirrors called heliostats — 10,000 of which are shown in the aerial view above.


 CLASS!— 40,000 pairs of young eyes.  As co-founder of the non-profit organization, CLASS!, Paul helped to enrich education for about 40,000 local high school students who read, wrote for, studied with and talked about this publication. (Please see the CLASS! page on this website.)

 Photo: Local high school kids Brooke Phillips and Spencer Elliott talk teen issues with Aizley, holding a copy of CLASS! newspaper.


Studying up Downtown.  Paul was instrumental opening UNLV’s first Downtown Campus in the historic Fifth Street School. His goal was to offer classes (mostly at lunch-time) to people who lived and/or worked in the downtown area — to help them complete their college degrees or just gain new skills. Among the early offerings were Paralegal certificates and computer literacy. In recent years, Continuing Education's downtown programs have been moved to UNLV's Paradise campus.


Elderhostel (now called Road Scholars).  Paul brought this travel/learning program to UNLV while he was Dean of Continuing Education. It was a great introduction to Las Vegas for senior citizens. 


Learning in Retirement / Excell / OLLI.  Working with local seniors in 1991, Paul established this now popular UNLV program for retired and semi-retired residents. It has grown from 60 to more than 1,300 participants. Study groups are designed and led by participants from the community — varying from the arts to history to zoology. Note: the name OLLI is for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.


International Conferences. Notable among the events that Paul brought to Las Vegas was the important international conference of PATRAM (Packaging and Transporting Radioactive Material). The hundreds of scientists who attended represented most of the developed countries in the world.


Local and International Travel. Paul encouraged his Continuing Ed staff to create a variety of one-day and overnight tours, around town and throughout the southwest — for example, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Searchlight, and Zion Park. As an avid river-runner (six times, four rivers), he also organized river trips. Pushing the boundaries, Paul initiated an African photo safari featuring a UNLV expert on geology, paleontology and anthropology.

ROTC Education. Two-year community college students with plans for military careers could not get full ROTC credit because they needed to complete junior and senior level college courses. Without this credit, they could not enlist as officers. Paul got those courses approved and the students could complete their ROTC requirements at UNLV.


Paul Lectures.  Now retired from UNLV, Paul volunteered his time for occasional lectures  in the Learning in Retirement Progam. Recently, he taught two classes: “How to Pass a Bill in the Legislature” and “Mathematical Secrets of the Simpsons” based on a book by Simon Singh. While still at UNLV, he taught math classes at Nellis AFB and the Jean Prison.


Once a teacher always a teacher.  Now retired from UNLV, Paul volunteers his time for various education ventures.  Last year, he helped out at Rancho High for six weeks when the teacher for Calculus 3 became ill.  This year, he is working with Liberty High School hoping to set up a Math Club.  (Fifty students and even some teachers attended the first meeting.)  He also did classes in the OLLI program, including "How to Pass a Bill in the Legislature" and "Mathematical Secrets of the Simpsons."  In past years, he taught math at Nellis Air Force Base and Jean Prison.