Legislation takes time

even to eliminate waste!


The 2015 Legislature passed legislation that is saving Clark County a half-million dollars every year. It took more than seven Sessions to do this. Paul tried three times (2009, 2011, and 2013). Senator Parks tried before that more than once and finally, in 2015 Governor Sandoval signed Parks' legislation when it reached his desk. 

     It is no longer necessary for each county to publish tax rolls in a newspaper. The information had been available free on the Web for years. Not only is money saved but thousand of pages of newsprint will not go into the landfill. 

     Experience is needed to get things done in Nevada's time -limited 120-day Sessions. 


                                                              PHOTO: Paul tossing the 2013 tax rolls into a recycling bin


AJR 1 (Assembly Joint Resolution)

National Monuments in Nevada  


In 2013, Paul was a Primary Sponsor of this Assembly Joint Resolution. He is shown here with a replica of the Saber Tooth Cat skull found in the Upper Las Vegas Wash. (And no, it’s not a Tiger.)  The Legislature passed the Resolution (63 in favor, 1 opposed) and the U. S. Congress approved and President Obama signed The Tule Springs Fossil Bed National Monument into law. Prior to that, Nevada was the only state without a national monument  Now there are two with the addition of Basin and Range National Monument.   

     Paul still serves on a committee of citizens who are working on recommendations for a research facility and visitor centers for the Tule Springs National Monument (some times referred to as the Ice Age Park).



lIn 2013 Paul was the primary sponsor for the following five Assembly bills. Governor Brian Sandoval signed all five into law. Paul appreciates the bi-partisan support for these bills.


AB 282

Protecting consumers who buy cars

In Nevada, car dealerships are required to post a $100,000 bond. Before this bill became law, many other parties had access to this money. Now only the consumer who buys a car has access.

AB 303

Medicare retirees see improvement

Before this law was passed, government retirees with Medicare would never get an increase in their subsidies. Now they are eligible for increased subsidies when money is available — and they should have seen an increase in 2013!

AB 120

Determining insurance premiums

Nevada’s Insurance Commissioner will post the names of insurance companies that do not use credit scores to determine premiums.

AB 97

Fairness in criminal justice

This law ensures that defense attorneys and their clients will know from the outset what the accused are charged with and what the penalties will be if found guilty.

AB 326

Protecting your rights

Have you ever agreed to the terms of a contract without reading it — and then discovered that you unwittingly agreed to binding arbitration? Now the “binding arbitration” is not enforceable unless you specifically agree to it — and you retain your rights to go to court or join a class action lawsuit.



lIn 2013, Paul was a primary sponsor on the following SENATE bills:


SB 164

Bullying in schools

This law addresses bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation as well as related issues such as violence and suicide. It requires public schools to make annual reports on these matters, to disseminate information, to provide training in prevention, to notify parents of students alleged to be involved in bullying, and to undertake other related matters. Passed into law.

SB 165

Bringing movie jobs to Nevada

This law provides for transferable tax credits in order to attract film, television and other media productions to Nevada.  Passed into law.

SB 142

Local government contracting

This law requires local governments to institute cost-saving measures wherever possible. Passed into law.

SB 374

Dispensaries for medical marijuana

The use of marijuana for medical purposes was approved by the people of Nevada more than 10 years ago. This bill makes it legal for licensed dispensaries to grow and sell marijuana for medical reasons. Passed into law.




lIn 2013, Paul supported many other Assembly bills. Here are a few:


AB 175

Overseas service personnel voting

This law enables uniformed service personnel, their spouses and certain others, who are stationed overseas to register and to vote electronically. Passed into law.

AB 181

Infringing on employee privacy

Employers are prohibited from using consumer credit reports as a condition of employment. The employer also may not condition employment on having access to the person’s social media accounts. Passed into law.

 AB 228

Health care volunteers

Authorizing qualified health care professionals to volunteer their services in underserved areas of Nevada. Popular health fairs have resulted. Passed into law.

AB 248

Excessive penalties  

Under existing law, certain minor traffic violations are treated as felonies. This bill would have treated them as misdemeanors. Violations of certain other laws relating to vehicles would have been treated as civil matters also. Did not pass.

AB 376

Teachers who pay for classroom materials

This bill would have authorized reimbursements for teachers who make out-of-pocket purchases of necessary school supplies for their students. Did not pass.



lIn 2013, Paul was a primary sponsor of the following Assembly bills but they did not become law for one reason or another.  He will consider revisiting them in the 2017 session. Your input is welcome.

AB 209

The distribution of raw milk

This bill provided regulations for the safe production and handling of raw milk for human consumption. Some Nevadans drink raw milk now and there are no safety regulations. The bill was passed by the Legislature and was vetoed by the Governor.

AB 75

Save big bucks, save the environment

Annual property tax rolls are always available on the County Assessors’ websites. This bill would have removed the requirement that they be published also in newspapers. Had the bill passed when proposed by Paul in 2009, Clark County would have saved $3 million by now! Approximately 100,000 subscribers received the 576-page tax rolls last December — more than a half-million pages heading for the landfill! Passed by Assembly, not heard by Senate. Did not pass into law.

AB 98

Fairness and efficiency for HOA members

This bill sought to make homeowner association boards more professional and more responsive to the homeowners. Did not pass into law.

AB 330

You need to know what you’re eating

The bill would require the labeling of genetically modified foods. (Foods labeled “organic” do not contain “genetically modified” ingredients.) Did not pass into law.                                                                                                                                            __________________________________________________________________________________


l  What's on YOUR mind? Share YOUR ideas for 2017 legislation with Paul!  EMAIL: PaulAizley@gmail.com. PHONE: 702 361 8262