Talk about Paul

Nevadans of all parties who want leaders with practical experience, integrity and proven ability support Paul Aizley.

“Paul demonstrates in many ways how he cares for the well-being of the people of Nevada and he works to make their lives better.  I served with Paul in higher education.  He is always accessible and responsive.”

Candace Kant, Retired CSN History Professor, Democrat 

“Paul gets to know all about an issue before making a decision.  He looks for facts and gets many viewpoints.  He’s reliable and thoughtful.”

Tim Cooper, Democrat

“Paul definitely understands middle-class people and the issues we have to deal with to survive.”

LuAnn Gaylord, Independent

 “Paul is a stand-up citizen.  He went to bat for us on issues in our neighborhood and his help was crucial.  He is experienced, fair-minded, open to his constituents and responsive.”

E. Krieger, Republican

“He made policy decisions and managed budgets [at UNLV] in a completely open and honest manner.  He is ethical and an expert with handling public funds.”

Carrol Steedman, Democrat

“As a former colleague at UNLV, I know that Paul will be tireless in his efforts to help improve Nevada’s education systems, especially high school and college.”

C. Bellomo, Independent

“Paul’s support of education and equality makes him the only viable choice for Assembly District 41.”

Jeff Garafalo, Republican

‘Paul provides a very personal connection to our state legislature.  He embodies a rare combination of compassion, technical expertise and analytical skills needed to move our state forward.”

J. Hart, Independent

“I’m grateful to Paul for starting CLASS! newspaper.  In high school, I wrote for CLASS! and it gave me the experience I needed to jump-start my current career in local media.” 

Anonymous, Las Vegas journalist

“I would not be where I am today without Paul Aizley.  He spent many hours with me … until I understood math problems.  I graduated with an engineering degree and went on to a construction management career.  Paul goes the extra mile in everything he does.”

Vik Sehdev, former student

“Paul helped us when we wanted to start our own business.  We called many people to ask how to go about it.  Paul was the only one who responded.  He personally put us together with the right office.”

Mo Youssouff, businessman

“Paul instinctively understands how issues will affect ordinary working people and he works to make their lives better.”

Candace Kant, Retired CSN History Professor, Democrat


“I worked for Paul at UNLV for over 10 years and found him honest, fair and accountable.  Accountability was important as he was responsible for a large budget.  His presence in the legislature is reassuring, as he honors his beliefs — he is what he says he is and I have great respect for him.”

Ann Tate, Republican

Former Director, UNLV Professional Development Center